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Status and Governance

St. Anne's legal status and governance arrangements explained

Company Status

St Anne’s Community Services (St Anne’s) was founded in 1971, originally to work with single homeless people and to develop and manage services for them according to need. St Anne’s company status is:

  • A company limited by guarantee incorporated on 29 December 1972 – Registered No. 1089026
  • A registered charity, registered with the Charity Commission on 15 March 1973 – Registered No. 502224
  • A registered social landlord, registered on 27 April 1981 – Registered No. H3158


St Anne’s Board (Council of Management) is responsible for governance of the organisation. Members of the Board are St Anne’s Directors for the purposes of the Companies Act and Trustees for the purposes of the Charities Act.

The powers of the Board are defined in St. Anne’s Board Terms of Reference.  The role of the Board includes the following :

  • to define and ensure compliance with the values and objectives of the organisation
  • to establish policies and plans to achieve those objectives
  • to approve each year’s budget and accounts prior to publication
  • to establish and oversee a framework of delegation and systems of control
  • to agree policies and make decisions on all matters that might create significant financial or other risk to the organisation, or which raise material issues of principle