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Making a Difference Every Day

Mark Rayworth – Ashwood Group

June 2016

Mark was nominated by his manager, Michelle Adam. She had lots of great things to say about Mark. She described some of the thing he does…

Mark has been a long-standing support worker at Manor Square. He is always consistent in his approach with clients and works hard to ensure that clients are reaching their maximum potential. He goes above and beyond what he is required to do within his job role.

Some examples of this include; Opening up and closing down the Thursday Leisure Club even though he only attends with a client to support them. He has collected next of kin and dropped them off, even when he is off duty, in order to ensure that they have been able to attend annual reviews. He has been proactive about ensuring that a client who has various health conditions, and is reluctant to walk, maintains good mobility and is encouraged to move. He thought of implementing a pedometer, which the client likes, and this motivates them to walk more. One client has a falls bracelet, and this staff member has volunteered to be the contact person if an emergency occurs. He could receive a call at any point in time for this individual.

Mark has attended appointments for clients when not on shift, as the service required support, and he has also been on holiday every year with his key worker client.

Mark has also been part of the training team for years, in terms of being the fire facilitator for the service he works in. Mark was asked to change his shifts to split shifts, following the QSA (Quality Standards Assessment by Leeds City Council) audit, and he did this without question. On one day, he even goes into the service three times to ensure that the client is receiving the required care in the hours provided.

Mark Rayworth

Mark Rayworth, Employee of the Month

Mark was a very worthy winner of Employee of the month. Here he is receiving his award from myself.

Well Done!

Mark Fennelly

Regional Operations Manager