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Making a Difference Every Day

North Tyneside

June 2016

Top Team Award North Tyneside

Temporary Manager Wendy Nelson and some of her staff team receiving the award from Mark Fennelly, Regional Operations Manager.

The Management and staff team in North Tyneside were recently presented a Top Team Award.

They were awarded this for the way they have worked really well together despite a number of  challenging issues to deal with but they always embrace every situation with a smile and good sense of humour. There have been comments from other professionals about their courteous nature and professionalism. They have been dealing with two difficult and complex safeguarding concerns that are on-going and require a huge amount of their time to ensure all involved are supported and the outcome is what everyone wishes for.

As well as this a new service has been commissioned for 591 hours per week and the Mangers Deputies are working really hard to get this service right, working late and weekends to ensure the clients and the staff feel supported. The staff team have worked hard to ensure the new service opens smoothly as planned. Family members have been invited to attend the interviewing process for the new staff team required and the Clients and family have been involved throughout the move process.

The North Tyneside service is also supporting a client with end of life who they have supported for 9 years and dealing with the impact this is having on the staff team and family members. They have been creative, professional and resourceful, so they are very worthy winners of a Top Team Award. Well Done!