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Making a Difference Every Day
News and Events | News & Events | St Anne’s 2018 News and Events | David adopts Harry the Budgie

David adopts Harry the Budgie

Staff have noticed positive change in David's mood since he's been talking with Harry the budgie

David and his Budgie Harry

Harry the budgie has been adopted by David, who is supported by St Anne’s Community Services support workers in Wakefield Mental Health Service. David describes Harry the budgie as a new friend in his life and has been very animated and enthusiastic about being a responsible pet owner.

Naveed, who is the Manager of Wakefield Mental Health Services and support worker Sue have noticed a and the bird is beginning to listen to his voice and mimic its sounds.

At St Anne’s we are led by the people we support and live our values of being person-centred, caring and respectful every day so that we can deliver quality services with dignity. Supporting and encouraging David to keep a pet like Harry is a small example that shows what we can do together