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Leeds Shared Lives 25th Anniversary Celebration

On Saturday 24th February we will mark our 25th anniversary with a celebration for over 100 clients and carers, past and present, in Leeds

Celebrating 25 Years

St Anne’s Shared Lives offers permanent care and support to adults with learning disabilities in the homes of specially recruited carers.

Shared Lives have developed an excellent reputation over the past 25 years and currently support over 60 people with a wide range of needs throughout Leeds and the surrounding area..The Lord Mayor, Councillor Jane Dowson will be in attendance.

Shared Lives is a unique, innovative and successful service which is highlighted as a future model for social care in the new government White Paper “Caring for our future: reforming care and support”. Leeds has always been at the forefront of Shared Lives, setting up one of the first schemes in the country in the 1970’s and it has thrived and expanded in the city since then.

St Anne’s Community Services Shared Lives scheme is designed to support clients with learning disabilities that make it harder or impossible for them to live on their own. We match a client who has care needs with an approved Shared Lives carer. These carers share their family and community life, and give care and support to the client with care needs.

St Anne’s Shared Lives scheme recruit carers from all walks of life and areas of the city. The common factor is they are committed to providing support and have a desire to make a difference. All prospective carers receive training, police and health checks and undergo a full assessment before being approved.

Carers are then matched to a person with learning disabilities, taking into account the skills and knowledge of the carers and needs of the person and also key practical factors such as; where they live; do they smoke?; do they have pets?; do they like football?

The relationship that then develops between the carer and person with learning disability enables the person to live a fulfilled life, integrated within their local community, while offering the carer the satisfaction of helping someone to do this. This makes it a highly individualised, successful service for all involved.

The outcomes can be startling, with clients reporting feeling settled, valued and like they belong for the first time in their lives. They make friends, (a third make five or more friends through Shared Lives) and get involved in clubs, activities and volunteering, often for the first time. Half of people using Shared Lives went on their first ever holiday, as a result of the support and companionship of their Shared Lives carer.

For more information please contact:

Project Manager Shared Lives:  Jonathan Hainsworth,

Email: jonathan.hainsworth@st-annes.org.uk

Address: St Anne’s Community Services, 6 St Mark’s Avenue, Leeds, LS2 9BN