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Team St Anne’s take on the Maserati Tour de Yorkshire

The day was finally here that our amazing ‘Team St Anne’s’ were taking part in the massive challenge of the Maserati Tour de Yorkshire Ride in Leeds.

The sun was shining at 6.30am when the race was starting with the 129km ride for the Tour de Yorkshire in which Matthew Jones, Grace Issacs, Nerys Rolinson and Adrian Lord were  all taking part in.

Tour de Yorkshire starting point

The atmosphere was amazing with the lady on the speaker giving out information on water supplies, race details, last minute bike checks and updates of start times. There were hundreds of people all queueing up ready to set off.

Tour de Yorkshire Starting line

Neil Thomas was getting ready to start the 84km route which started around 8.35am

Neil Thomas

The last race was the 49km in which Stephanie Harper, Ben Deith and Shaun Frost were taking part in and were all   getting ready to be departing     between 9.15am – 9.30am.

Steph, Ben and Shaun

In the meantime Stephanie Harper and Helen Barrett both had a radio interview with Darren Harper from Proper Sport Radio

With Team St Anne’s all in the race it was time to head off to the finish line at The Headrow.

Finishing Line at The Headrow

From 11.00am the crowds were starting to grow at the finish line and the         atmosphere was getting louder and louder throughout the morning and the     afternoon with everyone cheering for all the riders who had crossed the finish line and unfortunately a few riders who were walking with punctured tyres.

The finishing line

The growing crowds at the finish line which is the same finish line as the             professional Tour de Yorkshire race that was coming through later on in the day.

St Anne's Shirt

Thank you and well done to:

 Matthew Jones

Grace Issacs

Nerys Rolinson

Adrian Lord

Neil Thomas

Stephanie Harper

Shaun Frost

Ben Deith

Who all crossed the finish line after completing the incredible challenge of the Maserati Tour de Yorkshire Ride in the blazing hot sun.

Thank you Office Team Ltd and Bartlett for our shirt sponsors.