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Daniel’s Camping Trip

Written by Daniel, a client at our North Yorkshire service.

Cawood Camping - Daniel makiing Breakfast

(Cooking breakfast before our journey)

On July 1 2013 I went to Cawood Camp Site. I had been looking forward to this for a long time as we had tried it last year for a few days with much success and fun.

This year I planned it on my review to go for longer and after talking with Wayne (support worker) we decided to take some bikes. I would be on mine and Wayne would be on a bike borrowed from my Dad.

We had taken a bike map with us to use the cycle routes all over this part of the country

We build up and on the 2nd day we cycled into York and back a trip of 25 miles.

I was very pleased of my achievement and the fun we had.

On the last day of the holiday I really wanted to see if I could cycle to my Mum and Dad’s place, this would be a round trip of at least 33 miles which ended up a little further as we took a detour. If you look at these pictures, this is what Wayne had to do to his saddle to cushion his bottom. We did laugh as Wayne stood up a lot on his peddles on the last ten miles!

Wayne said this is a true statement about ‘Making It Happen’ - his bottom might not agree, I did wind him up about this!