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A Story of DNAR – Oxfield Court, Huddersfield

Earlier this year, a client who is supported by my team aspirated, which placed him in respiratory distress and he was admitted to hospital.

DNAR - Oxfield Court

On his discharge we discovered that the hospital had placed a DNAR CPR resuscitate on file stating the reason for this being “learning disability, futility and poor quality of life”. We were appalled by this and contacted his family and Amanda McKie - the Complex Learning Disability Health Needs Matron, and I made an official complaint.

There was an internal enquiry and the end result was that we were contacted by Amanda and asked if the gentleman, his family and our team would like to take part in a film demonstrating that he does have a quality of life. We also wanted to show that he is supported to enjoy a variety of activities of his choice, provided with a great level of care and that he is encompassed in the love and commitment his family have for him.

This film is now being used to educate the registrars in the acute sector about the need to consult and make only clinical judgements on DNAR CPR when people with profound Learning Disability are admitted. We also want to promote awareness about what DNAR CPR is about to carers, individual client’s families and other professionals who care for people with a Learning Disability.

Marnie Walker – Manager - 8 Oxfield Court, Huddersfield