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Friends and Family Test – Results

Managers and staff teams in services have been completing the ‘Friends and Family’ as part of 6 monthly safeguarding discussions.

St Anne’s decided to do our own version of this, in the spirit of the workof NHS England who completed and recently published their high profile results from their‘Friends and Family’ test.

To remind you, this is what staff were asked:

How likely are you to recommend St Anne’s to friends and family if they needed similar care/support or treatment?

It is very heartening to see a large number were extremely likely and likely to recommend St Anne’s. Staff were also asked to make one suggestion to improve quality across St Anne’s; we had over 200 suggestions. There were loads of ideas and suggestions that we will be reflecting on to continue improving the quality of services at St Anne’s.

Thank you all again for your input which is much appreciated and very valuable to ensure we continue to improve and develop our services.