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Making a Difference Every Day
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Insight Meetings

The Insight Meeting is held quarterly and is hosted by the staff of St Anne’s at St Matthew’s Centre, Cemetery Road Dewsbury

The meeting is exactly what it says - an insight into what’s happening within St Anne’s - the progress it is making and showing the hard work its staff are doing in the Residential homes, the Befriending Scheme and the support work throughout.We are also given a lot of facts and figureswhich sometimes goes over our heads but never the less it is there for us to see.

Staff from Head Office come to the meetings with information regarding Health and Safety, literature re gadgets etc. that could possibly help the physically disabled and a whole lot of other things.

The meetings have a social side in the form of bingo, raffles and refreshments and this is the highlight of the meeting for some including my daughter.Also people are at liberty to ask questions which would benefit their own particular problems .

It is a shame that not many people attend this meeting but I know carers time is precious andalso it is difficult to leave their loved ones, but the meeting is open to all including the cared for if they are able.

The next meeting will be in the New Year - information for this will be available from staff at St Matthew’s Centre, Dewsbury.