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Oxfield Court produce End of Life Film

Oxfield Court in Huddersfield were approached by the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group and asked if we could develop an End of life package of care, specifically for people with a Learning disability. By utilising our skills and knowledge we have successfully now completed this task.


News - Filming at Oxffield Court

To support our “Doing it My Way” package we have liaised with Lime House a film company based in Halifax, to complete a film to which can be used as a training tool, but will also enhance the implementation of the package.

Denise features in the film with her family and care staff, who enthusiastically participated in the filming process.

A huge thank you to Denise, her family and to all the staff who have participated in the filming. To all who were involved in compiling the EOL care package, Judith Cooper, Joanne Seed, Marnie Walker, Vivian Lamptey, Sally Arrey and to Nicky Lyall for her advice and support: to Catherine Wood who has supported the whole project and to Lime House for their very professional and caring approach to filming all the life stories.

Marnie Walker - Oxfield Court

Message from Denise’s family……..

We would like to pass on our sincere gratitude to Marnie Walker and staff at 8 Oxfield Court,   Dalton for the love and care shown to Denise and ourselves for the 11years she resided there. Marnie and staff were continually fantastic working with Denise through massive health   changes meeting her individual needs as and when they arose.

A year prior to Denise’s death she “starred” in a short DVD titled “Doing it my way”. This is a film about end of life and palliative care for people with learning disabilities.

The end of life and palliative care provided to Denise by Marnie and staff when the time came was outstanding. We have nothing but praise for them showing their impressive qualities of love, care and understanding to Denise and us as a family during the last few weeks of Denise’s life.

Thank you for being there for us, your kindness is much appreciated.

Denise’s family