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Well done Heather

Heather moved into St Albans, Gateshead in October 2012. Heather was 4ft 6ins and weighted 16st 1lb.

Heather Slimming WorldThe GP recommended Heather should go on a healthy eating plan. We discussed this with Heather and she was happy to start this.By February 2013, Heather weight 14st 7lbs.Heather joined Slimming World with the consent of her GP.Heather now weights 11st 12lbs and feels a lot better and can do a lot more activities without becoming breathless.


All the members of Slimming World voted for Heather and she won Miss Slinky 2013 in November 2013.


Heather, her family and all staff and professionals involved in Heather’s care and support think this is great achievement.