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Doncaster in Bloom

Clients win best display in Doncaster in Bloom 2015 and achieve silver gilt standard

Doncaster in Bloom - Certificate

The Housing Association where the gents live visited and were so impressed with the garden they contacted Doncaster in bloom which is an Annual Event held in Doncaster.

A representative came and spoke to them and took some photos, but we didn’t hear anything for ages and just presumed that the gents hadn’t been awarded anything. The certificates arrived out of the blue with a letter congratulating them.

They have put a great deal of hard work into the garden, with the help of staff and Neil Wright (Deputy).

They have grown beetroot, tomatoes, bell peppers, green beans, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots courgettes, sprouts and had lots of lovely tubs and baskets. It was a constant battle with the caterpillar’s, but persistence won in the end. They have frozen some vegetables, pickled the beetroot and have been thoroughly busy throughout the summer.

Sue Sherman -  Manager, Doncaster