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Emma’s Art Project

Emma receives second place in the textiles.

One of the staff team has recently supported a client put forward some of her art  work in an exhibition in Leeds.

Emma has been in the carer breaks service in Kirklees for 6 years and this great achievement has really built on her low confidence and self esteem.

Steph Elcock Coast Service, Kirklees

Emma Art - All photos


“All through the trials of my life, art is the one thing that always consoles my soul. It started when I was young. I was very ill and had multiple operations, my mum would always bring copious amounts of art supplies into hospital to keep me occupied until I recovered. When I was in my early teens, I lost most of my sight, was left with blurs of colour and could see some movement. But I was never going to give up art, so I adapted what I did. I have Borderline personality disorder, I have struggled with suicidal thoughts, but art is always there when I need a distraction. I usually have poor self-esteem and think I’m rubbish but my art is the only thing I would say I'm good at” - Emma