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Making a Difference Every Day
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Volunteer Miracles at Alcohol Services

Great things are happening at Alcohol Services, and it wouldn’t be too strong to say that it’s nothing short of a miracle. The team of volunteers at Alcohol Services is making a huge difference to the work that we are able to provide to our clients, and it is only right that this is celebrated.

Alcohol Volunteers

All our volunteers deserve special recognition for the contributions that they make. Top of our thanks goes to Paul, who not only assists in our kitchens in producing amazing food, but then picks up a paintbrush (not at the same time!) and decorates some areas of the building that were a bit neglected. His fantastic work is making the environment so much better to live and work in.

Thanks also go to Chris for the support he has provided for clients, including with his IT skills, and the odd-jobs he has done around the building; Dave for the help he gives during admissions;, Michelle for her willingness to help with absolutely anything; and Tshipamba for his group work - they are all truly valued for their contributions, working alongside staff and making that extra difference for our clients.

Volunteers also need organising and supporting, and thanks go to the whole staff team for the encouragement they give to our volunteers. Thanks especially go to Sharon for her drive and enthusiasm in organising and helping the volunteers. The rewards of all these efforts are truly being seen.

Jonathan Philpott - Project Manager – St Anne’s Alcohol Services