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Boroughbridge Road Extra Mile Award

April 2016

The team at Boroughbridge Road have introduced an “Extra Mile Award”. Staff are asked to nominate each other if they feel someone has gone that extra mile for the service/clients. They post their nominations into a locked box and every couple of months the manager will look through the nominations and present the winner with an award. This is posted in a communal area in the house so that anyone visiting can see. This is done to generate positivity and to celebrate achievements.

Zoe, staff member at Boroughbridge Road

Zoe, staff member at Boroughbridge Road.

The team at Boroughbridge Road, celebrate Zoe as their valued colleague. Zoe works in a very person centred way in everything she does; she puts the clients at the heart of it. Recently she has supported one client to regain contact with his brother after over 50 years. Zoe supported the client to send a post card while on holiday last year to the brother he had not seen since he was 17. When there was no response, Zoe suggested to the client they persevere and send a letter. Following the letter the client received a response by way of a card, and he was very pleased with this. Since then they have been exchanging letters and cards and there has recently been talk of arranging to meet up! Thanks to Zoe’s commitment, perseverance and person centred ways, one of our clients is now reconnected with his brother.
Thank you & well done Zoe!