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LYPFT Trust Award Winners for Partnership Working

The Working in Partnership Award was presented to the St Anne’s CAS Harm Reduction team for partnership working between, Crisis Assessment Service, Acute Liaison Psychiatry and community Drug and Alcohol Treatment services within the city.

Jackie and Nathan

Accepting the award are Jackie Blackburn and Nathan Fretwell


The team’s aim is to specifically address the issue of repeat presentations to crisis services, whom symptoms are exacerbated by substance and/or alcohol misuse issues.

The partnership was born out of the commitment by St Anne’s Dual Diagnosis commissioned city wide network service, and the management and staff at the crisis service at the Becklin Centre. Gaps were identified in service provision for clients and by having the commitment to work together they have been able to bridge those gaps and demonstrate more positive outcomes for this cohort of clients.

Harm Reduction workers use an improved referral model to support the service user during times of crisis, then co-ordinate care and source appropriate referrals, until the service user can be discharged to the care of both statutory and non-statutory treatment services. This enhanced level of support, care co-ordination and therapeutic interventions aim to support those with complex needs and co-morbid substance and alcohol misuse issues during periods of crisis.

The team engage service users that often re-present and/or are reluctant to engage with mainstream treatment services, support is provided at an enhanced level to prevent relapse and enable clients to better their symptoms in the community to reduce hospital admission and 136 admissions.

The introduction of the Harm Reduction workers in the Crisis Assessment Team has enhanced their assessment package across the various elements of the service. This has ensured that the service users receive the right support from an appropriate skilled practitioner and has increased all the practitioners understanding on the impact substance and/or alcohol misuse issues have on service users and options for support. The workers have become a valued resource for the team to an extent that CAS increased the resource to facilitate another worker.

Congratulations to all on a fantastic achievement!