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Communities coming together for the homeless at RAISE

Volunteers from the Kalgidhar Gurudwara Sikh Temple in Leeds




RAISE @ Resource Centre

66 York Street




Volunteers from the Kalgidhar Gurudwara Sikh Temple in Leeds will be coming to RAISE to provide food and warm clothing, toiletries etc for our homeless clients. The Sikh Temple have also asked RAISE to go and talk about St Anne’s and the work that we do at their Temple, as giving is part of their faith.


RAISE @ St Anne’s Resource Centre is central and accessible offering a unique open door policy for people who are rough sleeping and vulnerably housed, offering a service that is safe and welcoming where individuals can access support in a more flexible manner.

RAISE is the only service that offers shower and washing facilities and access to clean clothing and underwear, providing clean towels and toiletries all day within the working week to maintain dignity.

The Resource Centre is well respected and known across the City as been a place of support for the most vulnerable individuals, the general public, service users, British transport police, local authority and various other support agencies direct homeless individuals to RAISE.

Rough sleepers have access to a toilet in the City Centre free of charge to maintain dignity for people as our client group are not always welcome in public places.

Safe mail address for individuals with no fixed abode to have contact with family, benefits service, local authority or any other correspondence.

RAISE have a strong and supportive relationship with non UK nationals who are not eligible for financial and housing support. We also offer interpretation via Big Word.

Repatriation for individuals who would like to return to their country of origin or for individuals who have come to Leeds and are vulnerable with mental health issues and have left supported accommodation for whatever reason to engage them back into the services that were previously supporting them.

RAISE has a Breakfast Club – An opportunity for informal staff and client interaction, solely facilitated by clients and is attended by partner agencies offering support where needed.

For more information please contact RAISE:

Elizabeth Knight

Resource Centre Manager

Tel: 0113 243 1894

Email: elizabeth.knight@st-annes.org.uk