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The day Rachel met the EastEnders Cast

Rachel went to London, supported by Lynne Green, and went to the EastEnders TV set.

Rachel waited outside the gates and met lots of the stars coming out. Rachel met a young man who liked to wait by the gates meet the stars and he could recognise the cars. He pointed out Danny Dyer’s, who plays Mick Carter, car and Danny spoke to Rachel and she said he was lovely.   Rachel and Lynne met lots of the cast who stopped for a quick chat.

Rachel met the actors who play Ben and Jay Mitchell in a nearby coffee shop, another photo shoot opportunity!

The following day Rachel went back again and she waved at Danny Dyer, he pulled round the corner then turned round and came back. He said ‘I hope you haven’t been waiting all night!’ Danny Dyer spent about 20 minutes talking to Rachel and he introducing her to others.

Rachel and Lynne said Danny Dyer was amazing!