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Making a Difference Every Day
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St Anne’s Resource Centre (RAISE)

Our courses are designed to give learners the skills and confidence to move on to further learning opportunities in the wider community.

RAISE - Course Photo

Our current timetable has been running for 3 years and is well established locally, we have built up a reputation as a recognised quality provider of non-accredited learning.

The majority of our courses run for 10 weeks and are 2.5 hours long they include:

Confidence Building

Anxiety Management

Cook and Eat

Creative Crafts

Computer Skills (a basic level course for IT beginners)

Moving up to Media (for people with experience of IT who want to find out about how to use photo editing equipment and downloading music)

Employment & Training

Numeracy & Literacy

Read & Write (for learners who would like to improve their literacy skills)

For more information please visit the RAISE Adult Learning