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Making a Difference Every Day

Tom’s New Job

Tom from South Tyneside starts his new job at Your Voice Counts

Tom from South Tyneside was given some information about the Job Role in Your Voice Counts by Elaine Beston his support worker, she had seen the leaflet and given it to Tom.

Tom was invited to attend a recruitment day on Thursday 24 August 2017. He did very well making a good impression, answering questions and was offered a job!

Tom was asked to start on 22nd September and had to do some training for his position. Tom started working officially on Wednesday 27 September and is working every Wednesday. His St Anne’s staff support him to go to work and whilst he is there they support him to do his job.

Tom’s role is exploring personal budgets for adults with a learning disability or fundraising for   people who need support in the community.

Tom is kindly spending his hard earned pay on Christmas shopping for his family.

Tom thoroughly enjoys the role and is immensely proud and happy to be given the opportunity.

Erica Blumer – South Tyneside