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Vanguard of Audacious by Henry Normal

Last year at our Celebration of Achievements our special guest speaker was Henry Normal

Henry, together with Steve Coogan, established TV comedy production company Baby Cow Productions, and he also co-wrote The Royle Family.

Henry’s speech came from the heart as he related to his life experiences and he shared some very special and relevant poetry which the audience appreciated very much.

Henry suggested that the services provided with St. Anne’s were based on love, and many people in the audience shared this sentiment.

Henry’s talk can be found on our You Tube channel – click on the link

Henry wrote a poem which we would like to share.

Vanguard of Audacious

By Henry Normal

Kindness is bravery at it’s brazen best

It’s boldest and most ballsy


It empowers all it touches


To put your heart in the line of fire

Is as heroic as it is honourable


To be gentle you offer up a vulnerable underbelly

Empathy and humanity are gifts that entail risk


No matter how everyday it may seem

To dare to act not in self interest

Is valiant


To demand dignity for others undaunted is intrepid


To find strength to confront and challenge prejudice requires courage

However uncool to cynics

To make a stand for justice, equality and even love

Is never unfashionable, never untimely


To insist that tenderness endures and that mercy is victorious

You put your body above the parapet


To face injury, loss, ridicule or one of a hundred fears

But still have resolve and compassion

Is a testament to an indomitable spirit


On whatever scale

The matter of factness of such nobility

Is a quiet but magnificent defiance