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Carers Support

Carers/Individuals who are impacted or affected by someone they care for who has either a Mental Health problem, drug and alcohol misuse or early onset Dementia

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Are you affected by feelings of….

  • Isolation
  • Unable to cope with the situation
  • Helplessness
  • Don’t know which way to turn

Would you like:

  • Someone to talk to
  • Help and Support
  • Share your experience with others
  • Carers Options and Support Together are HERE FOR YOU

Service Description

Carers Support Service provides emotional/therapeutic support to adult carers impacted by someone’s Mental Health problem/drug/alcohol misuse or dual diagnosis who live in Kirklees. The service is Dementia aware and accepts referrals for individuals with an early Dementia diagnosis providing the carer with a break. Breaks are also provided 2-4hours for Carers of loved ones with Mental Health needs on the outcome of assessed needs. These breaks provide social contact for the person being cared for.

The Befriending Service is operational in the North Kirklees area and offers volunteering opportunites for those who wish to give a social outlet to someone with identified low level Mental Health needs-comprehensive training and expenses are paid.

Aims and Objectivites of Service

The service aim is to improve Carers well-being by providing emotional support, this can be via an arranged 1:1 face to fact meeting/outing, telephone support or a group setting to suit personal choice.

The Befriending Service offers a social outlet to reduce loneliness and isolation to those who have low level Mental Health needs.

What does your Service/Home offer?

The service offers:

  • Emotional support/1:1 meeting or telephone
  • Support groups/opportunities to meet people
  • Activities/workshops/social drop in/advisory sessions
  • Peer support/social/practical networks
  • Information/practical advice
  • Informal Family support with related carer issues
  • Support with benefit enquiries
  • Liaison and advocacy with other health care providers
  • Well-being/health initiatives or try something new
  • We provide an allocated worker as a dignity champion for the home who is there to listen to clients and staff on any ideas or views on dignity in the home.

Who should be referred to this service?

Carers of those impacted by someone’s Mental Health/Alcohol/Drug/Dual Diagnosis. Individuals with an early diagnosis of Dementia/Mental Health issue providing the Carer with a break. Low level Mental Health issues-Befriending Service

Who can refer?

Self, Family members, GP’s, Community Mental Health Team, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapies Team, Community Partnerships, Healthcare professionals-anyone who has concerns about individuals

Contact Details

Project Manager:    Stephanie Elcock

Email: stephanie.elcock@st-annes.org.uk

Senior:  Michelle Roberts

Email: michelle.roberts@st-annes.org.uk 

Contact Number: 01924 468344