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Making a Difference Every Day

South Tyneside

Our South Tyneside service supports adults with a Learning Disability who are having difficulty managing their tenancy and housing situation. We aim to support people to live full and independent lives.

Service Description

South Tyneside service currently supports 12 clients to live within their own homes across the South Tyneside area. Each client has their own tenancy and they live either on their own with support or with another client. We have seven houses in total.

The ages of our clients vary from mid twenties to eighty and their level of ability varies just as much, from people who travel independently and attend college to clients that need support with all aspects of daily living. All have a learning disability.

We support clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide support around their identified needs which can include sleep ins at the persons home.

Within the service we also support clients with individual budgets to access the community or attend leisure/ community events or appointments. We currently have 10 clients being supported in this way, all with packages tailored to their needs.

Aims and Objectives of the Service

To provide high quality care to individuals with learning disabilities within the South Tyneside area, our priorities are to enable clients to feel fully supported whilst also gaining independence to manage tasks themselves as far as they are able.

We work to build confidence as well as abilities and always listen to the clients needs and wishes, as well as those of their families or the people who know them best if they aren't able to communicate their wishes themselves.

What does the Service offer?

We offer a flexible approach to support that is fully geared around the needs and package of the individual.

We offer well trained, experienced staff that provide a consistent approach in order to provide stability for the client whenever possible.

We also offer an understanding of the importance of others knowledge of the client such as family and friends and welcome a holistic multidisciplinary approach so that the client is fully supported. We strive to maintain the strong relationships that we have with local authority Care Managers and families alike.

 Who should be referred to this service?

Adults with a Learning Disability who need support in South Tyneside

Who can refer?

Anybody can refer on behalf of a person with a Learning Disability.

Contact Details

Erica Bulmer / Jenny Haynes

Job Title: Project Managers

Email: erica@st-annes.org.uk or jennifer.haynes@st-annes.org.uk

Senior Support Workers: Michael McKean

Email: michael.mckean@st-annes.org.uk

Senior Support Worker: Elaine Beston

Email: elaine.beston@st-annes.org.uk

Registered Office: South Tyneside, Room 16, Gear House, Saltmeadows Road, Gateshead, NE8 3AH