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Making a Difference Every Day


Sunderland Service provides support for adults with learning disabilities.

Service Description

Sunderland services range from providing support 24/7 to clients in their own home to providing support for clients living with parents/carers to access the community, work placements and day services. All support packages are developed to meet the individuals needs.

Support workers have received comprehensive training in all aspects of social care and their hobbies and interests are matched to the client group wherever possible to ensure that the delivery of support is tailored around each individual.

The service works closely with other professional agencies in order to ensure that clients’ receive the best health care and support necessary to their changing and diverse needs.

Our service delivery incorporates St. Anne’s Community Services 6 core principles.

Aims and Objectives of the Service

The aims and objectives of the Sunderland Service is to support clients to live independently in their own homes, as well as accessing the wider community including;

  • Work
  • Day Services
  • Day Activities
  • Daily living skills

What does the Service offer

Learning Disability

We provide a variety of support. This could be a few hours a week to access the community or work, or 24 hours a day in your own home. It might be in supported living, where someone has their own tenancy, or suppport during the day at a place of work or at college.

Mental Health

We are committed to overcoming isolation, combating prejudice and supporting our service users to maintain a presence in their local community. We work hard to build relationships and trust. We focus on demonstrating positive outcomes for people and support them to regain a greater sense of self-worth and independence.

Complex Needs

We support people with complex needs, profound learning and sensory impairments, as well as those who display behaviour which my put them or others at risk, or which prevent the use of ordinary community facilities or a normal home life.

We support people with a dual diagnosis of learning disability and mental health needs.

Who should be referred to this service?

Adults with learning disabilities.

Who can refer?


Contact Details

Project Manager:    Karen Armstrong

Email: karen.armstrong@st-annes.org.uk