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Making a Difference Every Day
Our Services | Mental Health | Kirklees | Dewsbury 2 (13 Birkdale Road)

Dewsbury 2 (13 Birkdale Road)

13 Birkdale Road is home for five people, who are supported by a very dedicated team.

Service Description

Birkdale Road is a home for up to 5 people who require ongoing support in daily living activities from a team of support workers who provide support 24 hours a day. The home has 5 bedrooms, 3 en-suite, and a large communal lounge and kitchen. It is located close to local shops and is a short walk from the centre of Dewsbury. Local health centres and Dewsbury District Hospital are also within easy reach.

We offer support in all areas of daily living skills and aim to support people towards independence by tailoring their support plans using the Recovery Star to identify areas of their life where they feel they have goals they would like to achieve and working towards these goals collaboratively with their identified keyworker and the rest of the staff team.

We have a team of staff, including a manager and deputy manager, with diverse backgrounds and skills who work together to promote the best outcomes for people who live in the service. Staff are trained in all mandatory courses including emergency aid, food hygiene, safeguarding, equality and diversity, and mental capacity. Staff also take on other relevant qualifications such as NCFE level 2 in Mental Health Awareness.

Aims and Objectivities of Service

Our aim is to use the Recovery Star framework to support people to become more independent in their daily lives and empower them to become the people they want to be. We offer support in various ways including, but not limited to:

  • Support with budget planning;
  • Support to book, arrange, and access day time activities and holidays with staff input and practical support if needed;
  • Increasing competence and confidence in daily living skills, enabling people to take care of themselves;
  • Fire training;
  • Support to access education, leisure, and work/volunteering based opportunities;
  • Days out or longer holidays to wherever people choose (finance permitting);
  • Opportunities to engage in gardening projects within the home;
  • Encouragement to engage with external services to find activities which promote independence and formation of new relationships and social networks;
  • Promoting engagement with health professionals to maintain mental and physical health;
  • Practical support with day to day activities that people may find challenging;
  • Structured support plans to help people achieve the goals they identify as being important to them;
  • Helping people move onto less supported accommodation if this is their wish.

What does your Service/Home offer?

  • Support with budget plans.
  • Support to book arrange and access day time activities and holidays with staff input and company if needed.
  • Increasing all daily living skills enabling you to take care of you self.
  • In house training in health and exerciseor access local sports centres and dieticians .
  • Fire training
  • Access to education leisure and work based services.
  • Days out holidays to where ever you choose (finance permitting).
  • Gardening projects within the home and with external agencies.
  • Structured plan of learning to look after yourself while living in a shared home, with a veiw of moving you on to a less supported accomadation.

Who should be referred to this service?

Adults with a mental health diagnosis who require ongoing residential support to maintain their daily living skills and repsonsibilities.

Who can refer?

Social workers, CPN’S GP’S or a Psychiatrist.

Contact Details

Manager:   Peter Tidball

Email:          peter.tidball@st-annes.org.uk