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Training | About Positive Behaviour Support

About Positive Behaviour Support

St Anne’s Behaviour Support team achieved the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) accreditation in 2009 and successfully retained it in 2015.

PBS Team


St Anne’s Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is one of a handful of organisations with an British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) operationally accredited Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) programme that is both internally and externally recognised.

Our Positive Behaviour Support model involves the delivery of high quality development of primary, secondary and responsive options, including a full range of BILD accredited breakaways physical interventions.

St Anne’s Positive Behaviour Support team will always focus on least restrictive safe practice and non aversive techniques avoiding, if possible, the use of any physical interventions. Where ever possible we will design a PBS programme bespoke to the people who need it.

We offer our unique expertise to other organisations through our externally accredited Behaviour Support training and development programme. St Anne’s Positive Behaviour Support team encourage candidates to explore unique opportunities, learning and developing the processes and projects to be applied when working.

St Anne’s support people who challenge our services. Through our unique referral programme Principal Instructors will visit your organisation and brief key stakeholders about our model. 

We offer cost effective British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) accredited behaviour support model that is successfully embedded within our organisation. This model involves the delivery of high quality training and development of the systems required that satisfy national standards.

St Anne’s is a not for profit organisation, we do though need to cover our costs and raise funds through our expertise. All income will be used to enhance the lives of clients through investment in services.

All courses would be negotiated with the purchaser based on the organisational needs.

St Anne’s can normally supply a venue suitable for the training at minimal cost, often with refreshments.


Andy Lees of St Anne’s Community Services, interviewed at a BILD PBS Conference, talks about the four elements of PBS Support Plans and the ‘turbocharged’ power of PBS in focusing on the specific needs of the individual being supported.