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PBS Training | Behavioural & Physiological Symptoms of Dementia | Leadership and Management Development Programme

Leadership and Management Development Programme

Candidates will understand and be able to apply the leadership skills required to manage effective teams

Good leadership is critical in all services. However there is overwhelming evidence that in services that provide support for clients that challenge, this is even more important. St Anne’s offers organisations an exciting bespoke and unique programme of management development. The course can be delivered over a day as an introduction or over a series of sessions reaching out to candidates so they maximise learning. St Anne’s also can employ the use of portfolio assessment and mentoring to assess candidate progress.


  • Participants will be well informed and better equipped to deal with the challenges that face organisational leaders.
  • Be able to compare, contrast and develop management and leadership style.
  • Review and understand their own skills, preferences and be better apply and describe the benefits of reflective practice.
  • Be able to discuss up to date theories of management and leadership in organisational context.

This course is not currently BILD accredited.