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PBS Training | Behavioural & Physiological Symptoms of Dementia | Level Two (BPSD) Multi Element Training

Level Two (BPSD) Multi Element Training

The Multi Element Model course is delivered over one or two days, depending on your organisational needs. This course is directed at more experienced staff that will need to plan, assess and monitor individual’s behaviours

We recommend a one day course for seniors and team leaders, with the option of topping up any areas of developing concern.

The aim of the Positive Behaviour Support Planning course is to provide an overview to staff of a positive approach to working with people whose behaviour challenges others, and limits their own opportunities or life choices.

  • To develop an awareness of a positive behaviour support model and how this can have a positive effect on a person’s whole life and not just behaviour.
  • To develop a range of positive strategies and outcomes in order to improve a client’s quality of life.
  • To understand the components of positive behaviour support.
  • To develop an awareness of how to respond to challenging behaviours in a proactive manner.
  • To develop an awareness of positive strategies to prevent, divert and/or de-escalate behaviours.
  • To develop an awareness of BPSD and PBS documentation systems and the importance of monitoring and recording in the management of positive behaviour support.

This course is not currently BILD accredited.