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Making a Difference Every Day

Moving and Breaking away

Breakaways are directed at a person’s safe movement or moving away from potential danger and are able to defend from aggression such as slaps and punches, kicks, grabs etc

St Anne’s offers half day and full day options. Candidates will be shown the basics of moving away disengaging or breaking away. They will be given an overview of the law and de-escalation avoidance techniques.

A full day’s breakaway training will cover more high impact or violent behaviours like hair pulls, bites, strangles and bear hugs. Contact staff and leadership teams would be most likely to access this training.

Personal Safety – Lone working (home care staff) can be delivered as a half day course, if it includes a breakaway element it will take a full days training.

 A half day session could include:

  • Safe movement and safe hands, deflections.
  • Grabs – clothing lower arm and chest, arm one and two handed.
  • Hair pulls from front and rear.
  • Kicks open space and closed space.
  • Punches – roundhouse and over head.

Participants will then practice each technique in a safe and controlled environment. Learning will be reinforced by participants feeding back to course instructors on each technique.

No fast action or role playing will be involved in any part of the day.

Each technique will be assessed by the course instructors to encourage and promote best and safe practice.