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PBS Training | Behavioural & Physiological Symptoms of Dementia | Specialist Consultation Programme

Specialist Consultation Programme

St. Anne’s Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) team aim to support our partners gain the understanding needed to apply the complex systems and techniques when supporting people who present with Behavioural Psychological symptoms of Dementia and who may challenge services

Most commonly our expert practitioners will come to you either as an individual or as a key stakeholder group and discuss definitions, employer’s responsibilities, the law and MCA/DOLS. We will update you on national standards, guidance and best practice.

St Anne’s is an operational organisation. It is critical to us that the highest quality and ethical approaches are used whilst supporting people who may be distressed, confused or have rolled back. Our PBS team work nationally, providing the systems that our partners need to provide safe environments, treatment and assessment tools that enable risk reduction.

We will explore with you what options are available to support all key stakeholder needs when managing BPSD. We have systems that support primary, secondary and if needed emergency or planned reactive protocols. St Anne’s team can provide a wide range of solutions from care holding techniques and policy advice to specialist instructor training.

Organisations will be empowered to:

Describe current climate and management responsibilities when managing challenging clients. You will be able to give examples of ways to apply lawfulness in practical work based situations.

Discuss and develop strategic learning needs in line with current legislation.

Review training needs in line with risk assessments and client needs.

Commit to safe practice process and achieve best practice status when applying positive behaviour management or holding skills.

Recognise the critical need for client appropriate development programmes based on national initiatives, drivers and legislation.