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Making a Difference Every Day
PBS Training | Behavioural & Physiological Symptoms of Dementia | Specialist Individual and Team Interventions

Specialist Individual and Team Interventions

All our teaching majors on avoidance, de-escalation and client and staff well being.

Some of your care teams will need more specialist techniques. If using physical interventions your training package should include a gradient approach, for example:

  • One day introduction to positive behaviour support.
  • One day de-escalation and avoidance with breakaways training.
  • One or two days of team interventions

Physical interventions include:

  • Safe holding when standing walking, sitting, whilst supporting a distressed or aggressive individual
  • Moving people to a place of safety when they are confused, in danger or needing to care for some one in their best interests

The most restrictive techniques include teaching teams to support a client when face up or face down on the floor. This training would add at least another days training.