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Training | Supporting people with Challenging Behaviour Training

Supporting people with Challenging Behaviour Training

Challenging Behaviour Training with Behaviour Support

St Anne’s help create the business and care environment many organisations are trying to achieve. All of our recommendations are in line with current best practice and the British Institute of Learning Disabilities accreditation scheme.

When delivering any form of physical interventions, we apply the highest quality delivery, keeping your organisations key stakeholders as safe as is practicable when planning proactive strategies or when using any degree of physical intervention. Breakaway and team interventions may seem an expensive luxury; however recent events in the sector indicate an urgent need for the right approach when developing services that manage complex behaviours.

We offer the following courses:

For more information please contact:

John Daly

Programme Manager

Tel: 0113 281 6913

Mobile: 07929 164209

Email: john.daly@st-annes.org.uk