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Break Away Training

St Anne’s offers half day and full day options. Candidates will be shown the basics of self defence and given an overview of the law and avoidance techniques.

Breakaways are directed at a person’s safe movement or moving away from danger and being able to defend attacks such as slaps and punches, kicks, grabs etc.

A full day’s breakaway training will cover more high impact or violent behaviours like hair pulls, bites, strangles and bear hugs. Contact staff and leadership teams would be most likely to access this training.

Personal Safety – Lone working can be delivered as a half day course but if it includes  breakaway training it will be a one day course.


Participants will be able to apply reasonable and justifiable break away techniques in the workplace in line with best practice and British Institute of Learning Disabilities accreditation.


In a typical session participants will have the opportunity to watch and have explained to them physical intervention techniques designed to minimise the impact of a physical assault.

A full health and safety briefing will be given to all participants.