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Making a Difference Every Day

Instructor Training

St Anne's delivers a highly rated and challenging physical intervention instructor course accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities.

This is an example four week package of instructor training, we can negotiate with organisations and assess their individual needs.

Behaviour Support Group Instructors


To train and assess candidates so they are able to competently deliver The Behaviour Support Course in context of organisational plans.


During the course candidates will:

  • Gain understanding and confidence when practicing taught presentation techniques
  • Complete breakaway and team interventions.
  • Prepare and practice presentations and learn relevant training techniques.
  • Be assessed on their performance and given feedback.

Candidates must demonstrate they are competent in the use of physical interventions and their ability to instruct these techniques through assessment in order to successfully complete this course.

Module  One (5 Days)

  • Introduction to Behaviour Support theory
  • Presentation skills
  • Bespoke breakaway techniques
  • Bespoke team interventions
  • Assessments, CPD and feedback

Module Two (5 days)

  • Behaviour theory (teaching)
  • De-escalation and distraction techniques
  • Enhanced breakaway and interventions
  • Assessment, CPD and feedback

Module Three (5 days)

  • Complex breakaways and team intervention
  • Enhanced theory of behaviour support
  • Intensive instructor techniques