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St. Anne’s Alcohol Services, Leeds, providing alcohol detoxification, rehabilitation, and community-based floating support

This is the beginning of week 10 and the service has made me believe and understand I am now capable of a future. That, in itself is amazing. Not only that I am capable of a future, but a productive and happy future.” (client quotation)

St Mark's House, LeedsSt. Anne’s Alcohol Services, Leeds, provides two residential services - alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation, and a community-based floating support service. The residential services are both based at St. Mark’s House, 186 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 9DX. St. Mark’s House is easily accessible, being close to Leeds city centre, and is close to many local amenities.

The residential services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Click on the link below to view a copy of the Inspection Report.


The service has four beds, all in single room accommodation. As well as providing alcohol detoxification to people with an alcohol-related problem, the service also provides alcohol detoxification for people on methadone and other substitute prescribing programmes. The alcohol detoxification programme lasts for 10 days.

The detoxification programme is medically supervised; a visiting GP prescribes appropriate medication and nursing staff supervise a safe withdrawal. In addition to treating withdrawal symptoms, a programme of nursing interventions and sessional work runs during the service user’s stay. This includes preparing the individual for the period after completing the detoxification programme.

After the first two days of withdrawal the sessions of anxiety and relaxation reduced my fears of an epileptic fit, and by day 5 they have totally gone. I didn’t use to eat much and now I have a healthy diet and feel very confident of sustaining an alcohol-free lifestyle.” (client quotation)

Access to the service is through referral from agreed partner agencies. These include GP's in Leeds, and the community-based alcohol and drug services in Leeds, such as the Leeds Addiction Unit, Addiction Dependency Solutions and the Leeds Drugs Partnership. Click on the link for more information about the referral process.

Artwork by Alcohol services clientsRehabilitation

The Rehabilitation service has 15 beds in single room accommodation, including a training flat. The programme lasts for 13 weeks, and is a structured group work programme. The programme can be extended for an additional 13 weeks where appropriate.

Residential rehabilitation is designed to introduce stability and structure to clients’ lives. Abstinence from alcohol is encouraged and endorsed throughout the programme. Group sessions run throughout the day. The groups are designed to facilitate change in a person, with a focus on developing personal skills and relapse prevention skills that clients need in order to change behaviour.

I have found after 9 weeks the programme keeps you occupied and the lessons learnt, definitely work. I have had panic attacks for 8 years and this is the first time I have been able to function without drink.” (client quotation)

For access to the service a comprehensive client assessment process is competed prior to admission. Click on the link for more information about the referral process.

Floating Support

The Floating Support service provides short-term community support to people who may be experiencing problems in maintaining their tenancy due to alcohol related issues, and for people leaving the rehabilitation programme.

I recently went through a crisis. [My worker] was there for me straight away. I don’t think I could have coped without her help. [She] is an angel.” (client quotation)

Again, if it wasn’t for the support of ALL St Anne’s staff, I honestly do not think I would be here now. I am grateful to each and everyone of them.” (client quotation)

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