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Making a Difference Every Day
Working With Us | Meet our staff | Senior Support Worker

Senior Support Worker

Hi, my name is Michael and I am a Senior Support Worker

What do I do?Michael McKean -Senior Support Worker

My role includes supporting clients, overseeing the running of four houses and working closely outside agencies, clients' families, and other external partners.

I love my job because….

I like the unpredictability of my job as each day bring new challenges. It feels positive to see clients and staff evolve and know it is because of your actions.

St. Anne’s also provides many opportunities to develop and I have gained a lot of knowledge. Through training and doing the job, I have become more open and confident.

What have I achieved?

When I started with St Anne’s I had spent nearly twenty five years as a bus driver.

When I applied for the job, I thought that my lack of experience would let me down and filled the form in as a written exercise that a tutor said would help with my dyslexia. To my joy, I was offered the post.

I started as a Supported Living Worker and as I hadn’t previously worked in care, the training really helped build my confidence in doing the job, which I quickly settled in to. Later, I was offered the opportunity to act up as a Senior Support Worker

I wondered if my dyslexia would stop me having the post but for me it was a positive opportunity; eventually I was successful in taking up the role permanently. Over the years, the support I’ve had from my colleagues and management has surpassed my expectations.

With the support and patience from the management team around me I have achieved more in the past seven years with St Anne’s than in the rest of my working life.