St Anne’s Resource Centre

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St Anne’s Resource Centre is a homelessness resource centre, working with people who are homeless, rough sleeping or vulnerably housed


Service Description

St Anne’s Resource Centre has an open door policy, individuals can access the service without needing to be referred by another agency.

St Anne’s Resource Centre works with people who are 18 and over who may have a support need around housing, benefits, mental health and or drug or alcohol issues.

Aims and Objectivities of Service

We can often be the first point of contact for those at risk of homelessness where people can have a safe unpressured place to form relationships with staff. We are in a unique position to support some of the most severely excluded individuals and by building links with partner agencies we can play key and strategic role in local efforts to end homelessness within the City.

What does your Service/Home offer?

  • We offer Breakfast Club 5 mornings per week, enabling people to have access to Health Services, Street Outreach and mental health homeless housing team
  • We offer a safe mailing address for individuals who have no fixed abode
  • Advice on housing issues and claiming benefits
  • Laundry
  • Shower facilities
  • Condom distribution scheme
  • One to one advice and support with issues such as housing, benefits access to health care and mental health services as well as drug and alcohol issues
  • Education
  • Employment

Who should be referred to this service?

Anyone over the age of 18 who is in need of support:

  • Victims of trafficking
  • Street Workers
  • Anyone suffering domestic violence
  • Anyone with drug or alcohol issues
  • Anyone with a housing need
  • Rough sleepers
  • Anyone in need of benefits advice
  • If we cannot support someone we will sign post to another agency for support

Contact Details

Resource Centre Manager: Sharon Fargher


Contact Number: 01132431984

Coronavirus (Covid 19) Statement

Due to the exceptional circumstances due to the ongoing Coronavirus (also known as Covid 19) and the Government rules about self-isolating it is very important to reduce the risk of cross infection to all our Clients and staff teams. Our teams are working hard to support all our clients and are committed to keeping everyone as safe as possible.

This means that, in most circumstances, and in line with government information regarding self-isolation and staying at home there should be no visitors to any of our services.

We know, however, that this will be very distressing for some of our Clients.

Therefore, we are saying there must be no visitors to services unless there are exceptional circumstances and the visit is essential.

Before a visit can take place, this must be risk assessed by the manager considering government advice and the individual circumstances. Before setting off on any visit to your relative/friend please get in contact with St Anne’s staff to discuss your visit.

Our services are using all kinds of technology, including social media to make sure that the people we support can stay in touch with those important to them

St Anne’s has developed a visitors protocol to enable visits to begin again in North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, Durham, Middlesbrough and Leeds care homes.

In line with Government & local Council Guidelines each Client may have one family member or other person who is close to them visit on a regular basis.

Decisions where visitors can go are being based on Individual Local Authority advice following Government guidelines.

This message will be updated regularly