North Kirklees Supported Housing Service

In this section

The aim of our services is to enable clients to increase their independence and encourage clients to move on to independent accommodation.

Service Description

The North Kirklees Supported Housing Service is based in Dewsbury and offers 29 supported short hold assured tenancies, 21 of which are single occupancy tenancies. The remainder are within 2 properties which have some shared facilities.

In addition, the service has 10 tenancy support hours for clients who have a secure tenancy with another housing provider.

The service also provides support to clients through Direct Payments/Personalisation Budgets.

Aims and Objectives of the Service

The objective of the service is to enable clients to become as independent as possible. This is achieved through supporting clients to maintain their tenancies, secure permanent accommodation and take control of their lives whilst utilising and participating in their community.

What does the Service offer?

Each client is allocated 4 hours support per week (2 of which are Intensive Housing Management). Support is tailored to the individual through the use of outcome focussed support planning.

Support is offered in the following areas:

  • Motivation and taking responsibility
  • Self care and living skills
  • Managing money and administration
  • Social networks and relationship,
  • Drug and alcohol misuse
  • Physical, emotional and mental health
  • Meaningful use of time
  • Offending
  • Managing tenancy and accommodation.

Clients are encouraged to take positive risks and are supported through the resettlement process. The service works in partnership with both voluntary and statutory services.

Who should be referred to this service?

Applicants must be between 18 to 65 years old.

Applicants should have an identified support need i.e. mental health issues, learning disabilities, substance misuse issues, homeless and/or experiencing difficulties maintaining tenancy.

Who can refer?

We accept referrals from voluntary and statutory providers. Self referrals are accepted – although applicants should be prepared to supply names and contact details of two people/agencies who can provide information to support their application.

Contact Details

Manager: Angela Clarke


Contact Number: 01924 466440

Compliment for St Matthews Supported Housing Team

SH had only just begun to receive a service from St Anne’s two weeks before. However he was very clear that he was very happy with the service. He stated that he had, over the years, come into contact with a number of organisations whilst searching for someone to help him. Often in the past he had felt awkward and judged and therefore has never engaged fully before.

He stated that this was the first one where he felt that staff were actually listening to him without judging him. He felt that the St Anne’s team actually wanted him to make progress and become independent. The difference between these staff and ones from other organisations was amazing.

Because he already felt he could trust the team he stated that he had been able to open up in a way that he never had been able to before and discuss all his issues because he knew he was not being judged

He continued, saying he felt St Anne’s staff accepted him for who he was and that coming into contact with the service was one of the best things he had ever done.

He now feels that there is a real chance, for the first time ever, that he might be able to move on and that he already feels like he is making an improvement after just two weeks.

I should also mention that DM mentioned that, for the first time ever in his life he was going to vote after talking to me yesterday and that he felt that the reason he felt confident enough to do that was down to the support he had received from your team.