Heatherstones Nursing Service

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Heatherstones is a purpose built bungalow in a quiet residential setting overlooking Savile Park Moor in Halifax


About Heatherstones

Heatherstones Nursing Home accommodates eight adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and significant health needs.

Heatherstones is a purpose built bungalow which is adapted to meet the needs of the client group. The building is wheelchair accessible throughout and there is ceiling tracking in all the bedrooms, bathrooms and lounges.

The home overlooks Savile Park Moor and is only a short walk from Manor Heath Park. Local amenities include St Jude’s Church, Rosegarth GP surgery, Health pharmacy and a newsagent and off licence store. The service has strong links with the GP surgery and community health professionals. There is also a nearby hairdressers which is used by most clients.

The service has a registered Manager who is responsible for the day to day running of the home, a Clinical Lead, and a team of nurses and support assistants..

Aims and Objectives of the Service

Heatherstones team plan works to St Anne’s Values:-

  1. Care – To always strive to provide compassionate and nurturing care to the people we support.
  2. Person Centred – To value everyone as an individual and make adaptions wherever we can to accommodate people with a range of support needs.
  3. Dignity and respect – to demonstrate strong values of dignity and respect for the people we support and each other and to recognise and celebrate everyone’s unique contribution.
  4. Quality – To strive offer the highest standard of innovative care and support and to demonstrate this through measurable outcomes.

Our specific aim is:

  • To provide person centred health care to our clients throughout their lives, as well as at the end of their life.
  • To work in partnership with families and health professionals to best meet our clients needs.
  • To learn and develop in order to best meet our clients changing needs.
  • To provide dignified and compassionate care.
Heatherstones views

What does the Service offer?

Heatherstones provides dedicated nursing care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The service is on The Gold Standards Framework and can provide palliative and end of life care to clients. Each client has a dedicated named nurse and key worker. All clients are assessed against set health domains to ensure that their health needs are effectively met. Each client has a person centred plan with specific goals set to help support them to do the things they enjoy, such as having a holiday, days out, perusing interests and socialising.

Who do we support?

Most referrals are via Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group and are 100% health funded.

How can I access this support?

Via CCG.

Contact Details

Registered Home Manager:  Gerard Wainwright

Email: gerard.wainwright2@st-annes.org.uk

Compliment to Heatherstones

Words can not express the fantastic work you and your team has done with CD since she arrived at Heatherstones on the 1 June 2018. I have had the opportunity of working with this lady since December 2017. Her mental health had been deteriorating, hence our teams involvement. Unfortunately due to her deterioration she sadly required detaining under sec 2 of the MHA 1983 (2007), and due to no bed availability in the local area had to be placed in Harrogate. As she was placed out of area, the Intensive Support Team in Calderdale wasn’t involved with her at that time, however once discharged and moved into another service in Kirklees, she was again on my caseload. I visited her regularly and had grave concerns about her physical and emotional presentation which I shared with other members of my team as well as social worker and CCG Lead Nurse. She wasn’t engaging, verbalising and not meeting her daily activities of living. She was unable to feed, drink or dress without full support, xxx wouldn’t speak, draw, or mobilise. She was presenting in an almost catatonic like state, and required a number of admissions into Pinderfields General Hospital for a recurrent UTI, where some investigations were carried out.

This continued for a number of months. The placement that she had moved into were unable to meet her needs, and fortunately for her she came to your service. Within a few days of moving into Heatherstones, she was articulating, mobilising and engaging with your staff team and fellow peers within the home. I am unable to put into words how your staff team has nurtured CD back  (from what I perceived was the brink). xxx now is able to articulate, verbalise, engage, and do all the daily activities’ of living that she did before. Granted there is still a way to go in her recovery, however she has recovered immensely. I can not put into words, my gratitude to you and the staff team at Heatherstones, the amazing work that you have done to bring back xxx, Your team is forever in my debt, please keep up the fantastic work that you do.