North Kirklees Supported Housing Service (Dewsbury)

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The aim of our North Kirklees Supported Housing is to enable clients to increase their independence and encourage clients to move on to independent accommodation.

North Kirklees Supported Housing

About the service

North Kirklees Supported Housing has one site for shared property in the Dewsbury area, providing 3 bed-spaces in total. The shared     property comprises of communal areas such as lounge, kitchen and bathrooms which are fully furnished and equipped.

Clients have their own room for which they have their own key. Clients will be expected to adhere to the terms of an assured short hold       tenancy and their individual support plan. Each house holds monthly ‘house meetings’ during which clients can voice their views, news,         ideas and identify their own set of house rules.

Each tenancy comes with 2 hours intensive Housing support. The service can also provide support where there has been a need identified.

We also have three sites which offer single occupancy flats or flat-lets in the Dewsbury area, which provide a total of 21 bed-spaces. The   accommodation is partly furnished to include fridge, cooker, washing machine and bed.

The flats are staffed Monday to Friday during office hours. St Matthews centre project  provides  4 hours support per week. All other sites provide 2 hours intensive housing management. Clients should be in need of and comply with 4 hours support each week which will normally be delivered on a one to one basis at a mutually convenient appointment time. Clients are expected to comply with terms of an assured short-hold tenancy agreement and their individual ‘support plan’.

Aims and Objectives of the Service

The North Kirklees Supported Housing Service is made up of four sites, which comprise of 24 single tenancies. Each tenant has allocated support hours with their individual ‘support plans’ and risk assessments. We also work within Supporting People Quality Assessment Frameworks to ensure we meet core objectives of:

  • Needs and Risk Assessment
  • Support Planning
  • Security, Health and Safety
  • Protection from Abuse
  • Fair access
  • Diversity and Rights
  • Complaints, Consulting and Involving Clients
  • Empowerment and Supporting Independence and The Living Environment.

The aim of all our sites is to enable the service users to increase their independence and encourage them to move-on to semi-independent or independent living as appropriate. We aim to assist clients to achieve this within a two year period.

Who do we Support?

Applicants must be between 18 to 65 years old.

Applicants should have an identified support need i.e. mental health issues, learning disabilities, substance misuse issues, homeless and/or experiencing difficulties maintaining tenancy.

How can we access this Support?

We accept referrals from voluntary and statutory providers. Self referrals are accepted – although applicants should be prepared to supply names and contact details of two people/agencies who can provide information to support their application.

Contact Details

Manager: Angela Jones


Contact Number: 01924 466440