Shady Trees Nursing Respite Service (4 Oxfield Court in Huddersfield)

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Shady Trees (4 Oxfield Court) is a Respite service which offers 24 hour nursing care for adults with Learning Disabilities and associated complex health needs. The service has 4 bedrooms and is situated in a fully accessible bungalow

Shady Trees


About the service

Shady Trees is a purpose built bungalow with four bedrooms which we aim to personalise to the staying guest as far as possible.

Ceiling tracking and hoists run throughout the building to enable all guests to have full access to all areas. There is an adapted bathroom and shower room to suit all guests needs.

The service has a spacious lounge with a sensory area so guests can relax and enjoy their visit. There is also a separate sensory room for guests to enjoy.

The service also has access to a adapted vehicle which can be used on evenings and weekends to enable guests to access the wider community and enjoy external activities

Aims and Objectivities

At Shady Trees person centred care is at the forefront of what we strive to achieve, we believe that each and every person should be treated as an individual and their care should reflect this. We have close relationships with families which enables us to achieve the best possible outcome and lives for our guests. We have regular reviews which enable us to establish future needs and what we are working towards and how we can effectively achieve these.

The established nursing team consists of a nursing home manager, qualified nurses and trained support staff. The team all works closely together to provide a the highest standard of care for all guests who access the service. The nurses work closely with guests who have complex needs that include, postural care, epilepsy management, enteral feeding and have access to any further training needed for specific individual complexities. The nursing team work alongside a team of support staff who provide personal cares, nutrition and hydration support and opportunities for social activities.

The service has excellent links with a wide multi disciplinary team which include such health professionals as Speech and Language therapists, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists and Day centre services. Working like this enables all teams and families to have an input which ensures a continuity of care is provided whilst they are accessing respite.

Who do we support?

Shady Trees supports adults with Learning Disabilities and associated health needs who live in the Kirklees area and qualify for respite.

How can I access this support?

Referrals need to be made to the service by the local Care and Quality Commissioners or social work team.

Contact Details

Manager: Kirsty Goddard