Silver Jubilee House

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Silver Jubilee House consists of three individual self contained flats offering a supported living service

About the service

Silver Jubilee House is situated in the Horsforth area of Leeds. Services are offered for adults with learning disabilities.

Aims and Objectives of the Service


  • To provide high quality care supporting clients in daily aspects of their lives.
  • To provide a safe and comfortable home for clients to live in.
  • To promote independence and choice.
  • To ensure community presence.
  • To provide a service in line with St Anne’s Community Services philosophy, policies and procedures.


Through good recruitment, training and supervision, the clients will be able to enjoy the following rights:

  • To be involved with all relevant people in their lives in all stages.
  • To have good support plans which are reviewed regularly.
  • To have personal space and for rights and privacy to be respected.
  • To have social, emotional, religious, cultural, political and sexual needs respected and to provide advice where these needs are not met.
  • To have choices and be consulted in every aspect of their lives, from health services and financial affairs to their right to confidentiality.

What does the Service offer?

All clients have person centred support plans in place to meet their wishes which are reviewed regularly. Clients are supported to be as self managing as possible when making choices. Clients are supported to access or be made aware of the local community and places of interest, e.g. restaurants, cinemas, pubs, supermarket, hairdressers etc.

Who do we support?

The service is for adults with learning disabilities who require limited support to be able to live in their own home. This will include social care and financial support if required.

This is a supported living service and not suitable for individuals who require support with personal care.

How can I access the support?

Care Manager and Social Workers

Contact Details

Deputy Project Manager: Nigel Balmforth