Cardigan Road Residential Service (Leeds)

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Cardigan Road is a residential service for adults with learning disabilities

Cardigan Road


About the service

Cardigan Road service is situated in Headingley on a central bus route, offering easy access to local facilities and amenities.

The service has 7 bedrooms and 1 bedsit and is set over 4 floors with chair lift access.

The house is staffed 24 hours a day with no waking nights.

Aims and Objectives of the Service

Cardigan Road Aims to:

  • Provide continuous care and support aimed at assisting individuals to maintain and develop new skills, with the goal of promoting self reliance.
  • Provide a safe living environment working in co-operation with wider care agencies and families.
  • Develop and promote the ethos of community living and facilitate community links for individuals with a learning disability.

What does the Service offer

  • Person centred care for each individual entering the service.
  • Trained and professional staff.
  • Provision of opportunity for self improvement.
  • Focus upon maintenance of established skills.
  • Adaptation to the changing needs of the clients whenever possible.
  • Promotion of diversity, equality and inclusion.
  • Enabling individuals to enjoy community access and holidays with support when needed.

Who do we support?

  • Adults with learning disabilities
  • The service is open to individuals of any gender.
  • Individuals who require 24 hour support.
  • Individuals looking to maintain/enhance their independence skills.
  • Individuals with low level challenging behaviour.

How can we access this support?

Care Management

Contact Details

Project Manager:  Terri Yeadon