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Gateshead Supported Living Service 1 and 2 provides personal care and social support to people living in their own homes with Learning Disabilities

Gateshead Supported Living Service

Denewell Avenue

Denewell Avenue is a semi-detached house in a quiet part of the Low Fell area in Gateshead and is learning disability supported living service.

There are 3 clients living at Denewell Avenue with learning disabilities who receive 24 hour support. All clients have individual tenancies and the property is owned by a Housing Association, who keep it maintained.

Everyone at Denewell Avenue is encouraged to be as independent as possible. Clients can access the local community facilities including shops, church, bank and post office to pay their bills.

From Denewell Avenue  there is easy access to the Metro Centre and Newcastle city centre either by car or public transport where clients can visit the theatre, cinema, department stores and the local retail park with staff support.

The clients all enjoy having themed party’s where they are supported to bake and decorate cakes. They also enjoy working with crafts, making bunting to decorate the house.

Harwood House

Harwood House is five bedroom bungalow learning disability supported living service in Birtley in Gateshead

Harwood House is appointed with wheelchair access throughout. A large garden with countryside views provides opportunities for outdoor activities, local shopping and leisure facilities are close by.

Clients enjoy going to the local restaurant for meals and membership of the nearby social club enables them to enjoy shows, televised sporting events and the company of others.

We at Harwood House are committed to implementing personal tailored plans that enable the individuals to lead a fulfilling and enjoyable life .

 Lyndhurst Grove

There are 6 clients with a learning disability living at Lyndhurst Grove with support. Lyndhurst Grove is situated in Low Fell, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. The house is within easy reach of local amenities.

The property is a well maintained semi detached house which is adapted for people with disabilities. All clients choose how their rooms are decorated and furnished.

All clients access local community facilities including, shops, local cafes, pubs and clubs, cinema, theatre, football matches, trips to places of interest and many others with staff support. We encourage all of the clients at Lyndhurst Grove to be as independent as possible.


Roslin is a five bedroomed detached house in an idyllic setting near Saltwell park in Low Fell Gateshead were we provide care and support to five clients with learning disabilities. Our aim is to promote independence and develop life skills.

Some of our clients now travel independently to their day service. While other clients give their time in a voluntary capacity by dog walking or working in a local charity shop.

Our staff work well together they promote dignity, respect and inclusion. The team is fully committed to encourage our clients to be involved with their life, making their own choices and to enable and enhance their life experiences. St Anne’s provide training to all staff to ensure all our clients’ needs are met and high standards of care is maintained.

At Roslin we activity promote clients activities. One client is an active member of the Newcastle United disabled members club he is supported to all home games, one away game and party nights where Newcastle United players attend.

Another has his own green house in the garden and enjoys growing his own tomato plants and flowers.

We have monthly clients and key worker meetings where our clients discuss anything including places they would like to visit, holidays and an activity they would like to try. Our clients attend discos, pictures, theatre, bowling and visit places they are interested in.

We have work alongside day service to enable our clients to be involved in animation and boxing. Our clients are supported to organise and plan get families and friends to attend planned activities like:

  • Christmas quiz night
  • Halloween fancy dress party
  • summer BBQ.
  • Doctors, Nurses, Dieticians, Care Managers, Advocates , OT’s are all available to support our clients’ needs and preferences.


Shian is part of the Gateshead Service that supports people with learning disabilities. The house is situated in High Spen, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear and is within close proximity of local amenities.

The property is a well maintained bungalow which has been adapted for people with disabilities.

The clients at Shian are supported and encouraged by a staff team to be as independent as possible.

All clients access local community facilities including shops, local cafes, pubs and clubs, trips to places of interest and many others with staff support.

St Albans

St Albans has three clients with a learning disability who live in a 3 bed bungalow in Windy Nook, Gateshead.

At St Albans, one client has lived here since 1996 and the other two Clients moved in 2012. The two ladies go to a Day Centre Monday to Friday.

Neighbours and the community of Windy Nook have been fantastic we all meet once a month at the local Community Centre and have lunch and a cup of coffee. When there are any events taking place in the area the clients are always invited and attend.


Stonecroft is a five bedroom Independent Supported Living Home in Kibblesworth, near Gateshead. Stonecroft supports people with learning disabilities.

Stonecroft is a modern adapted bungalow providing accommodation for people with learning and physical disabilities. It is staffed by a friendly and compassionate team who provide support twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

Each person has their own personal bedroom and there is also plenty of communal areas. There is a large sitting room, a well equipped sensory/quiet room, dining room with separate sitting area as well as a large light porch with sitting area. All of this provides for a warm, relaxing, homely environment with plenty of space to share or spend time on your own.

Each person is recognised and is supported as an individual, to live an independent and fulfilling life as possible. Family and friends are welcome to visit Stonecroft whenever they like, which is worked in conjunction with each individual living at the house.

Contact Details

For information on Stonecroft, St Albans, Roslin and Denewell Avenue

Registered Manager: Kim Lang


For information on Shian, Lyndhurst Grove, Harwood House

Manager: Stacey Jackson


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St Anne’s Community Services, Room 102-103, HYpoint/Gear House, Saltmeadows Road, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear NE8 3AH