About ST-ACS PBS Training

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ST-ACS PBS Training

ST-ACS PBS Approach

ST-ACS PBS Training model delivers the highest quality elements:

Primary – planning, audits, analysis, risk assessments.

Secondary – de-escalation, de-fusion and distractions  

Reactive – non aversive interventions, least restrictive practice including bespoke BILD accredited physical interventions and breakaways.

Responsive elements – recovery, post incidents report, stress management, report and recording, data collection.

ST-ACS PBS Training team will only focus on least restrictive safe practice. We use non aversive techniques avoiding, if possible, the use of any restrictive physical interventions.

Bespoke Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Where ever possible we will design a PBS programme bespoke to the person who needs it.

Holistic Approaches

We will work with projects in order to deliver a holistic person-centred training and develop plans to support vulnerable individuals. These plans may include bespoke breakaway and physical intervention techniques.

We offer our unique expertise to other organisations through our externally accredited behaviour support training and development programme. ST-ACS PBS Training team encourage candidates to explore unique opportunities, reflecting and learning and developing processes and outcomes to be applied when working with people perceived as challenging.

We offer cost effective PBS training that is successfully embedded within our organisation. This model involves the delivery of high quality training and development of the systems required.

St Anne’s Community Services is a not for profit organisation. All income will be used to enhance the lives of clients through investment in services.