Residential Alcohol Detoxification

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The service provides residential alcohol detoxification for adults who are dependent on alcohol and who require a safe and supervised place to withdraw from alcohol.

Service Description

We have 5 individual bedrooms for detoxification in St Mark’s House, which is close to Leeds city centre, and is close to many local amenities.

The service is free for residents of Leeds.

Aims and Objectives of the Service

The aim of the service is to safely detoxify people from alcohol. This is done using medication (usually chlordiazepoxide) and other interventions to manage any withdrawal symptoms someone might experience when they stop using alcohol.

As well as managing the withdrawal symptoms, the service aims to promote wellbeing, both physical and mental wellbeing. This is done through the safe management of any other health conditions that may be present, through the administration of medication, promoting a good diet, promoting a good sleep pattern and promoting a routine and structure to the day.

The service also aims to ensure that an appropriate aftercare plan is in place after the completion of the programme to support the abstinence that has been achieved.

What does the Service offer?

The service has 5 beds, all in single room accommodation. As well as providing alcohol detoxification to people who are alcohol dependent, the service also provides alcohol detoxification for people on methadone and other substitute prescribing programmes. We do not detoxify people from drugs or from substitute prescriptions. The alcohol detoxification programme lasts from 7 days.

The detoxification programme is medically supervised; a visiting GP prescribes appropriate medication and nursing staff supervise a safe withdrawal. In addition to treating withdrawal symptoms, a programme of nursing interventions and sessional work runs during the stay. This includes preparing the individual for the period after completing the detoxification programme.

The service provides 3 meals per day, as well as facilities to make hot and cold drinks and snacks. The facilities include a dining room, television lounges, a games room and a garden area.

Visitors are allowed to visit the detoxification service.

More details can be found in our Client Guide.

Who should be referred to this service?

The service is for adults (aged 18+) who are dependent upon alcohol and need somewhere safe and supported to detoxify. Where people can safely stop drinking themselves or who can be supported in the community, then other services would be appropriate.

We can detoxify people from alcohol who are stable on substitute prescribing programmes, such as methadone. We do not detoxify people from drugs, or detoxify people who are currently using illicit or non-prescribed drugs that may interfere with the detoxification process.

All admissions are made on a voluntary basis. Therefore clients must be ready and willing to engage in the treatment process before admission would be arranged.

Detoxification is not a ‘cure’ and therefore clients are expected to be willing to engage in an aftercare programme post-discharge. One of these options is rehabilitation. Please see our rehabilitation service to find out more.

Who can refer?

The referral route for detoxification is through the community-based alcohol and drug services provided by Forward Leeds They can be contacted on 0113 887 2477

Contact Details

Project Manager:  Jonathan Philpott


Contact Number:  0113 243 4486

The service is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The service was last inspected in July 2017. Copies of the inspection are available on request or from the CQC website. Currently, substance misuse service are not  given an overall grade by CQC.’

The service is regularly visited by representatives of Leeds Adult Social Care and the Office of Public Health at Leeds City Council. We send regular reports to the commissioners regarding the activities of the service.

Our kitchen received the maximum ‘5 star award’ at its last inspection by Environmental Health Inspectors.