Our Vision, Purpose and Values

A life without limits for the people we support

We are committed to enabling the people we support to live their best life.

In 2021 we revisited our Purpose, Vision, and our Values to ensure our clarity of purpose to support some of society’s most vulnerable people, we are PROUD to be St Anne’s.

  • Vision
  • Purpose
  • Values

    Our vision

    A life without limits for the people we support

    A life without limits embodies our ambition to enable the people we support to have greater choice and opportunities to lead their best life.



    Our Purpose

    To make a difference – providing high quality care and support to enable people to lead independent and fulfilled lives .

    St. Anne’s has a heritage of making a difference every day, this philosophy has been strongly interwoven into our cultural fabric since we started in 1971. It is part of who we are – we aim to make a difference by providing the highest quality person centred care and support.


    Our values relate to the delivery of our vision and our purpose, we are PROUD to represent St Anne’s and we are proud to make a difference every day.

    Our five values are proud focused, they are:


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