Case Study: Care Outreach

Supporting PTSD

Within our Leeds Floating Outreach and Transition service we supported a 19-year-old female who had a significant history of sexual abuse within her family, and as a result had developed PTSD and continuously put herself in risky situations.

To support her we:

Engaged Community Nurses and a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy team to support her with her PTSD and sexualised behaviour

Had a student nurse working with us who supported the client closely with sexual health advice and information on healthy relationships

The lead support worker built up trust with the client to build her confidence and develop key life skills (cooking, cleaning) and worked closely to engage her in the community where she made positive relationships with other clients

We coproduced a safety plan with the client to ensure she could go out on her own and have everything she needed e.g. a portable charger for her phone

We supported the client to enrol in college to study health and beauty and continue to work with her to on a pathway to employment and independent living in the near future

We have pleasure in knowing we helped support this young person to move forward in their life.

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