Case Study: Living a fulfilled life at Daleholme

At St Anne’s our supported living service is built on the individual needs of each of our clients. Each person we support has a robust person-centred, flexible, and responsive support plan (which is reviewed on an ongoing basis), enabling them to achieve their outcomes based on ongoing wants, needs, and aspirations. We are committed to respecting the choices of the people we support, encouraging decision-making without imposing our own views or values.

S is a 68-year-old female who currently resides at Daleholme, a registered care home in Settle, North Yorkshire, for people with learning disabilities. Set in lovely surroundings, close to the Yorkshire Dales National Park, the home is a purpose-built bungalow with; five individual bedrooms, a dining area, a kitchen, a bathroom, a walk-in shower room, a conservatory, and shared communal areas. To support client involvement with nature, Daleholme also has gardens at the front and back.

Day-to-day S likes to follow an established routine. After being supported to take her medication in the morning, S is able to bathe independently, only needing a bit of support with checking the water temperature. S prepares and eats her own breakfast and will also help the staff by clearing away and wiping down the dining table.

S is a regular at the local café and can’t resist doing a bit of window shopping in the local charity shops on her morning stroll. She will return around 11am, changing into her slippers to relax and watch a bit of TV before helping the staff to prepare lunch.

For the rest of the afternoon, S typically chooses to focus on her favourite activity, colouring. S will spend hours creating beautiful masterpieces, applying layers of colour in methodical strokes – Daleholme’s very own Van Gogh!



At dinner time, S will help to set the table and tidy away after everyone has eaten. She then spends the rest of the evening with the other clients, chatting to staff, catching up on the soaps on TV, or carrying out a weekly clean of her room with some support. At around 8pm she will change into her nightwear and enjoy some supper, before heading to bed.

When S is not colouring, she loves to have a pamper session. She will independently visit the local hairdressers every 5 weeks for a haircut, but she also has a foot spa, massage, and pedicure once a week. Staff support S to write a letter to her brother once a month and she will sign her name at the bottom.

The staff at Daleholme, and across all of St Anne’s services, are committed to enabling the people we support to live their best lives.

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